Let us take care of you and all your household needs!
  • Housekeeping
  • Meal Planning and Prep
  • Laundry
  • Concierge Services
  • Professional Organizing
  • Interior Design
  • Pet Care
  • Shopping and Errands
  • Personal Assistance
A-la-carte or total home management?
Use any of our services a-la-carte or let us come in and set up a total home management system for you.  The more of our services you use, the more you save!  

Meet the team!  
Heather Renne, Owner
Heather holds a BA in Interior Design, has 20+ years of management experience and 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience. In 2011 she re-entered the field of home management after a long hiatus and developed a love for it and her clients. “It is so gratifying to bring peace and peace-of-mind to a busy household.” Heather lives in Golden Valley with her two daughters and cats.

Jackie Drews, Office Assistant
After spending several years in the travel industry, then owning and operating her own cleaning business, she chose to refocus on office management and bookkeeping.  She and her husband enjoy traveling and craft brewing. Jackie is also active in the deaf community an is learning American Sign Language!

Stephen Sage
Stephen graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Minnesota.  During his final year there (2012) he acquired a job as a dormitory cleaner and has been cleaning off and on ever since.  He lives in Minneapolis and is focusing on his music career.  

Ann Peterson
Ann has cleaned and staged houses for the past several years. "I truly believe you bring peace to your space when your surroundings make sense." Ann lives in St Paul with her husband of twenty three years, her two sons, and her corgi. 

Katie Misik
Katie has been cleaning and organizing professionally for several years.  She lives in Bloomington with her husband, ten year old son, and her "sweetest friends" - the cats. She enjoys music, dancing, and a variety of literature. In addition to managing homes, she is a psychotherapist and has recently launched her private practice.  

Kristene Hamm
Kristene has over eight years of cleaning and three years of organizing experience.  She is a mother of three and enjoys gardening, photography, and reading when she's not busy volunteering with the Girl Scouts or at her church.  She lives in Maplewood. 

Sue LaBeau
Aside from her background in housekeeping, Sue loves to cook and take care of animals.  Her specialty is Asian cooking and she's learning how to make sushi!  In her spare time she volunteers at a veterinarian clinic, enjoys her own cats, and dreams of owning a hobby farm.  She also has a background wellness , with an emphasis in weight loss and essential oils. 

Kellie Brekke
Kellie is a transplant here from Michigan and is going to school to obtain her degree as a vet tech. "I have an excellent eye for detail as well as a good amount of experience which allows me to be quite efficient!" Kellie lives in Minneapolis with her cat Sushi and loves creating art in her spare time. 

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